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Choose your travel companions carefully – don’t ride with germs! PDF Print E-mail



Ever wonder what is causing the odd smell in your car interior? If you knew that the steering wheel is dirtier than the toilet seat in your local train, would you touch it? Or even consider storing your picnic lunch in the trunk, knowing it is swarming with potentially harmful germs?

Many of us eat and drink while driving. Food crumbs and spilled drinks, together with dust, build up in the small cracks and crevices inside the car. With Cyber Clean, you can easily stop germs from spreading and ultimately show them the door. Cyber Clean Car is ideal for removing dust particles, mites, dirt and bacteria in your car interior.

According to research, Cyber Clean decreases the amount of bacteria accumulated in the car air-conditioning system by 96 percent and molds by 97 percent when applied on the vents