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FAQ - Data Recovery

DATA RECOVERY is a highly technical, labor and time intensive process used to retrieve data from a variety storage media or devices when they fail to be access by users. This process requires high investment to prepare the lab and equipments to work on the media.

How does it get fail/damage?
There are 2 types of damage/failure in this situation. However the data stored on them is not always completely lost.

§ Software damage is caused by file corruption, virus attack or human error (accidentally deleted or formatted) > Software Recovery Needed

§ Hardware failure is caused by mechanical failure which varies from manufacturing defect, run out of its life span, dropped or electrical failure which results from power surge or inconsistent power supply.

Do you have the clean room facility?
YES. We have a clean room and class 10 workbenchesclass 100
. A clean room (or cleanroom) is an enclosed space in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits. In industry, clean rooms are used in the manufacture and servicing of hardware such as integrated circuits (ICs) and hard drives. In biotechnology and medicine, clean rooms are used when it is necessary to ensure an environment free of bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens. In addition, the temperature and humidity may be controlled.

Class 100 = 100 Particles in a cubic meter of air
Class 10 = 10 Particles in a cubic meter of air

Do you send out the drive to oversea for doing the recovery job? (Singapore/USA/Canada)
No. We have our own lab which setup in different location from out collection center. The lab to our collection office is around 15KM away due to the premise and environment does not permit us to setup the clean room here. So our turns around time versus our competitors are shorter.

My HDD Motor facing problem Cannot Spin/Click Sound/Buzz sound. Can I still recover data in it?
. Please call in for more info. Please call 03-79551768 and ASK FOR DATA RECOVERY.

Is there any guaranty that the data retrieved out will be in original condition?
Yes and No in this situation. It depends how much data have you overwrite onto the affected disk sector which stores the data previously. The file may corrupt and may not work if the sector which stores the file previously has been overwritten too many times. So we recover the data out is base on best effort only.

Following from the first question, let say if I send this to a 3rd party data recovery center. They opened up the drive and use the disk plate and do data recovery, are the warranty still valid?
NO. Warranty is void if any of the sticker or screw from the hard drive is tampered. The vendor will absolutely void this drive as per stated in their general limited warranty coverage policy. So on Achieva’s side, once we see this kind of situation happened, we will NOT accept the drive.

I am sending in the drive for data recovery for second time. How much does it cost?
Our company charge a standard RM300 at least for even “1 file” recovered which the customers wanted. There are no limits on how many files going to be recovered and the charges is still RM300. Price is not negotiable as data recovery process consumes lots of time and also computer working time dedicated per drive.

*All hardware based recovery is 100% chargeable and will be quote separately.

How long do you need to take to recover a ?
It depends how big your capacity is. The bigger the drive, the longer it takes.HDD drive

Where do you store the data which already extracted out from the bad drive?
We would suggest the customer to give us a drive for us to store the data in. We do not accept any DVD to store your data due to the reliability issue. There are numerous debatable points where we burn the disk out and is not readable in customer’s computer. So we apologize for not accepting any DVD/CD burning.