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Hardware Based Data Recovery Process And Pricing


Hardware Based Recovery Process Flow

1.       Stop using the hard drive when you heard there are knocking sound or disk head keep on repeating trying to read a particular sector. You may damage it further in you keep trying to use it especially dropped hard drive. The head will slide on the platter and the debris of the disk inside will scratch the media hence making it impossible to recover.

2.       Submit a form here or call us for a quote or advice.

3.       Packing and ship to us directly. Address can be obtained here. * Please send to KL for faster service. Penang and Johor shipments will come to KL every Tuesday/Wednesday only.

4.       Upon receiving your drive, we will then run a diagnostic on your drive by using machine based drive tester and determine the failure in the clean room lab. (Up to 5 working business days)

5.       We will try to do the recovery immediately and then list down the files which are recoverable. The list, service agreement and quotation will be emailed to you base on the address provided.

6.       You will then need to sign the agreement and fax/scan and email it back to us whether you agree or not to recover the files.

7.       We will let you choose the option on where to store the files. You can either provide us the drive or we sell you a new drive and we will put the data recovered into the drive. The date and time of the data transfer will be notified to you via phone or email.

8.       Upon receiving your payment, we will release the drive back to you. (Up to 5 working business days to deliver the recovered data)

9.       If we fail to recover the data, there are no charges at all. We will only charge shipping and handling fees if it is courier in. There are absolutely no charges for customer who brings their drive to our office personally.


Hardware Based Recovery Pricing

We take each case to be unique subject to the job complexity, spare parts used and time to recover the data. The bigger the capacity of the drive, the more expensive it is. But we can guaranty that our price is meant for Malaysian market which is the most affordable.

We provide special for students and non profit organization as a part of our community services.