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Would you wear a shirt that you cleaned as often as the insides of your shoes? Feeling awkward when taking off your shoes in the company of others? Or have your toes come to resemble a fungus growth usually found only in a properly fertilized greenhouse?

Rarely – if ever – do we clean shoes from the inside. Yet the quantity of sweat within the shoes can amount to even 2 deciliters a day. Humidity combined with bacteria and abrasion from skin and shoe inner lining is the cause for various foot diseases as well as bad odors. Cyber Clean For Inside Shoes is the first solution on the market for effective disinfection and cleaning of the insides of shoes. It protects your feet against diseases such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails by removing illness causing bacteria. Cyber Clean For Inside Shoes effectively captures dirt, eliminates bacteria and fungal spores as well as leaves the shoes smelling fresh.