Toughpower GF 750W


  • The fully modular Toughpower GF1 series is available in 650W – 850W models and builtto deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. The series features a 140mm hydraulic bearing fan, Japanese capacitorsand other premium components to help deliver a continuous and stable power with an ambient temperature up to50°C, while near silent operation and reliable performance are guaranteed. With an ample 10-year warranty,the Toughpower GF1 is able to satisfy the market, where PC enthusiasts are looking for a premium power supplywith all the latest features.
  • The photo is for reference.
  • Durable Chassis
  • Anti-Vibration Mounting System
  • DC to DC Design
  • Modular Cable Management
  • Side Ventilation Design
  • Concentrated Compression Fan Blade
  • 100% High Quality Japanese 105°C / 221°F Capacitors
  • Zero Cable Platform
  • Farewell to messy cables! We have connected the backpaneland the PCB with acopper plate for better heat dissipation and impressive output power quality.
  • Featuring a 140mm hydraulic bearing fan withintelligent RPMcontrols to helpguarantee superior cooling performance and near silent operation.
  • All ripples are lower than 30mV on +12V, +5V or +3.3Vfrom0% to 100% load toensure a stable operation and keep your performance-critical components to functionreliably for longer.
  • Intel SpecificationToughpower GF1 Series
  • The voltage regulation, more strict than Intel’sstandard±5% for major rails and±10% for -12V, is set to no more than ±2% for major rails to meet the highestperformance.
  • Intel SpecificationToughpower GF1 Series
  • Offers cable selection for users while powering thesystemat an advantageousvoltage. Low-profile flat black cable makes cable management easier, reduces clutter andincreases airflowinside the chassis.
  • Providing great durability as well as offering thehigheststability, whileremaining reliable.
  • Powerful single +12V rail ensures a stable and reliablesupply to other PCcomponents.
  • Toughpower GF1 series saves energy through its high energy efficiency up to90% and is certified to 80 PLUS® Gold. The series has been optimized to work with all generations of Intel’sprocessors to achieve maximum energy saving.