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Toughpower GF3 1000W


  • The Thermaltake Toughpower Series is a premium line of PSUs certified to the 80 PLUS Gold standard. Incorporating components of the highest quality, it delivers stable performance and excellent efficiency. Toughpower 1000W Gold features a semi-modular design, an ultra-quiet fan which delivers silent cooling performance and a single strong 12V rail flexibly routes the maximum available power to the CPU, enabling peak performance of the computer system.
  • The Toughpower 1000W adopts a 135mm cooling fan with intelligent RPM control. This guarantees superior cooling performance and silent operation.
  • The Toughpower 1200W saves energy through its high energy efficiency up to 90% and is certified to 80 PLUS® Gold. In addition, the Toughpower Series is designed to meet the demands of Intel’s new Haswell processors.
  • Low-profile flat modular cables used in the design enhance airflow as well as improve the thermal performance of the chassis. Flat cables are inherently more flexible, making cable routing easier.
  • 100% high quality 105 °C (221 ° F) Japanese made capacitors which greatly improve the durability and offer the highest stability and reliability.
  • The Toughpower 1000W Gold is equipped with an authentic and powerful single +12V rail to ensure a stable and reliable supply to other PC components.
  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V Input Current: 12A-6A Frequency: 60Hz-50Hz
  • 25A
  • 83A
  • 0.3A
  • 150W
  • 3.6W
  • 17.5W
  • 1000W